"It was the most fun event I attended after I joined Amazon" -Amazon Employee

Amazon hires MBAs from across the country to join a three year leadership development program. Program participants benefit from training, mentorship, and a large network of peers.

Zealyst collaborated with the Program Leadership team to plan a targeted, customized huddle for 100 program participants with the primary goal of strengthening social connections across departments.



  • Strengthen social connections across departments

  • Foster peer-to-peer mentoring by strategically matching individuals

  • Identify common interests among participants via Zealyst’s data management and event planning service

  • Host a unique, fun event that energizes program participants



94% of huddle attendees agreed that the stated purpose to build new connections across departments was achieved.

88% of huddle attendees said they would be eager to attend a future Zealyst huddle.

“It was nice meeting new individuals with similar and different backgrounds. I believe this experience will help me determine who to reach out to for different requests as well”