"I like the model of both open-ended networking time (with prompts/clues) and structured activity time. I think it allows for engagement across personality styles." -VP of HR, eBay StubHub

eBay and StubHub assembled their People Managers from all over the country for a day of networking, training, and community building in San Francisco.

Zealyst kicked off the day with a customized huddle in which the primary goals were to foster a stronger community of peer support and mentorship across geographical barriers.




  • Connect attendees across regions and company tenure
  • Create environment where best practices can be shared
  • Make lasting connections between attendees
  • Improve manager effectiveness


Zealyst software generated nearly 3,000 data points from over 200 event attendees’ registration information.

Using semantic analysis and data mapping, Zealyst software extracted meaningful data from registration. Individuals and teams were matched using this data. Matches were based on an analysis of over 10,000 matches over all employees. These matches were facilitated through a series of games.


Example Games

 HaiClu leads team members to share personal information about themselves in order to discover commonalities amongst each other. They deepen the understanding of their mutual interests and overlapping life experiences by writing haikus that describe each commonality. Completing the challenge of writing poems together in the approachable haiku format (which appeals to both expressive and analytical thinkers) and ultimately performing them to another team solidifies camaraderie amongst the team that lasts long after the cheers and high fives.



Curious Junctures encourages participants to discuss different time periods in their lives, thereby helping individuals to share information beyond the solely professional in a straightforward, comfortable framework. This game catalyzes team cohesion and provides a foundation for future relationship building.