“Zealyst takes ‘working’ out of ‘networking.’ The ‘net’ they create through their fun and engaging methodology is strong and effective. Zealyst is a company that truly understands how to create opportunities for high quality relationship building that go beyond exchanging business cards. At the huddle prior to the Women in Innovation Summit, we were able to map out the foundational process which we then used to effectively bring out quality output from our small group break-out sessions.” -Kristiina Hiukka, Founder of Women in Innovation

The Women in Innovation Summit was a conference hosted in Seattle in late 2012 that aimed to bring together women leading in technology, government, and social change to open up new channels for collaboration.

Zealyst curated a guest list for a pre-conference event of both women and men likely to attend the conference based on parameters the client set forth.




  • Recruitment of conference attendees and community influencers
  • Broaden an informed and supportive community
  • Creation of artifacts that could be displayed at conference and used for conference promotion



Attendees were asked targeted questions about innovation and divided into teams based on common interests. Each team completed a custom-designed WINS Challenge that produced visual representations of innovation.

The WINS Challenge incorporated elements of lighthearted surprise to keep the dynamic playful and high energy despite serious topic matters. Teams were challenged to find creative solutions to real world problems under a set of fantastical constraints.